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the easiest and best way to create your simple online Last Will &Testament and Living Will
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A proper, legal, but simple online Will in just 2 easy steps
  • best value - all 4 of the legal estate planning documents - see list below - are included at one low cost - just $19.95
  • 20% discount for 2 Wills - same family
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  • comprehensive notes provided on what you need to know about Estate Planning
  • legal in 49 US states
  • detailed answers to all of the most typical questions
  • a simple step-by-step entering process - just fill in the required information
  • you can chose to keep your Will details on our secure server so you can make easy changes in the future
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Follow the easy steps that we have provided for you to prepare any or all of the legal estate planning documents that are needed by all adult family members. Chose Standard package providing changes for up to 12-months - or the available Lifetime package. Select any one of these documents to start
optional program providing lifetime secure storage of your input information - that you can return to and edit at any time in the future
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Disclaimer: The information provided in this website is not legal advice, but as described above, general information on the terminology and legal areas associated with the making of a Last Will and Testament. is a program that enables you to inexpensively prepare certain documents; it is not a law firm. Should the size or complexity of your estate, or your wishes, exceed the parameters provided here, or if you need legal advice on tax reduction or avoidance, then you are advised to take contact with an attorney in your jurisdiction that specializes in estate planning. Please also note that by using this program you are bound by the terms and condition of use.